Internet Math

Today, I’d like to talk about something that is affecting me right now as a Teksavvy customer without Internet, caused by the strained relationship that Teksavvy has with its internet vendor (Rogers). My livelihood depends more and more on the internet by the day, and not having internet is extremely stressful to me.

I have been without internet for 3 days now, after trying to pay more to have my internet speed increased. After calling to change my plan (which took about 4 days longer than necessary because of a clerical error), I waited a total of about 8 days for my Internet speed to increase. On the last day it was due to change, my Internet promptly disconnected (Monday August 5 in the afternoon) and hasn’t been back online, going on 3 days.

After spending several hours on Twitter and on the phone with Teksavvy agents over the last week and a half, and continuing to hear that we are waiting for Rogers because they are very backed up dealing with requests, I have finally settled in to a pattern where every 24-48 hours I call to see what the issue is. Teksavvy has excellent customer service, and engages their clients in ways that I have not seen from any other company. However, their dealings with Rogers are getting extremely convoluted, and Rogers does not seem to have the capacity to handle service requests for all of their clients. I do not know if this is greed or just a reflection of poor infrastructure that is causing it, and it’s not really important if it’s one of those, or something else.

Anyhow, the last conversation I had with Teksavvy, I was told that after waiting 48 hours for Rogers to respond to my service request, I was told that that meant Rogers now only had 24 hours to respond to my support ticket, and to eventually get my internet connected. This kind of delay is really inexcusable for a major telecommunications company, and it is downright ridiculous to be handicapping customers like this.

Anyhow, since it has been a LOT more than 48 hours since my initial issue, which was never really addressed, I am a little bit confused about this new 24 hour timeframe to respond to my issue. I was told that if they did not respond to my new 24 hour request, it would be escalated again to a 12 hour response window, and on and on. After a few seconds of reflection, not only is this policy ridiculous on Rogers’ part, but it is absolutely an unhelpful and unsustainable way to deal with service requests. I have made a table to illustrate this point.

As you can see, with an interval that decreases by half at each request, within a total of 24 hours from now (ending at 4 PM tomorrow), I (or Teksavvy on my behalf) will be sending infinite requests to Rogers. I am sure that I am not the only person in this situation, as Rogers seems to be very behind on this kind of request.

I am REALLY hoping that my request will be dealt with when I call this afternoon, otherwise my phone bill will be huge, I will not be able to get any work done, and there’s a good chance the universe will explode.
Teksavvy, you are excellent, but you really need to make Rogers treat you and your customers better, or people will not stay patient for very long. I am a good example of someone who is a very loyal customer, and a patient one at that, and even I am getting a little tired of this.

Free Reading

Hello everybody,

An idea has come to me in the last few days that I’d really like to bring up with you. I’m just going to leave it here, and if you are interested in participating/partaking, please leave me a comment, either here, or on a social network.

I have MANY ideas for blog posts/essays that I would really love to write, but they always end up getting bogged down in worries that they are not appropriate for the medium they are being written in (ie. my blog). I love to write, and there are a lot of important issues we as a society are dealing with every day that I do not think we should be idly watching happen. I really want to get these thoughts out in the open, but I hesitate to publish them in an open, public forum where anybody could just stumble upon them, and I can’t really have much of a chance to give context or make sure my message is really heard.

I am proposing to all of you reading this a private reading group, where I can distribute stories and essays to a small group of people I trust and whose opinions I value. There, these stories would be open to proposed comments, corrections, contributions, counters and criticisms, in a safe, judgment free zone. Basically it is a spot where you can read and enjoy things I have been wanting to write for a very long time, but might not be appropriate for public forum in their current form.

If anybody reading this would like to participate in this pilot project, please let me know (if for whatever reason you would prefer, feel free to send me a private message, either by email or via another message service, or bring it up to me in person. I can also foresee this as being a forum where multiple people can contribute written pieces, if they feel the same as me and are looking for a more private place to voice thoughts to people they trust.

I will be using Google Drive to house this forum, although I am open to other distribution systems.

I look forward to hearing from interested parties.

Thanks friends!

10 Things you didn’t know about ________

I’m thinking about starting a series of posts entitled “10 Things you didn’t know about ________” covering different technology and services. I know I often find myself trying to explain the virtues of various services, and there is a TON of stuff around these services that many people simply don’t know about.

I am all about trying to simplify my own life, and most of that stems from understanding the world around me and enabling group communication.

I don’t actually intend to go the Buzzfeed route and necessarily always create lists of things, but it is a handy format for keeping things short and concise. We shall see.

Anyhow, I would love to hear your thoughts, if there is a certain topic you would like to hear more about, or have heard about and are considering trying, I would love to explain how the services I use every day work, and how I make them do work for me. If you contribute an “Other” idea that I think would be interesting I will definitely add it to this list. Feel free to choose more than one if you would like!

Results are available here.