Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sheldon Cooper and Brew Donkey (Unwind Media | May 28 - June 2)

This week in Unwind Media, things calmed down just a little bit. I finished my first full month of professional writing for Mobile Syrup, which is just such an awesome sentence to have written!

Future Chat has moved from it's old home at www.futurechat.me, to a new home at UnwindMedia.com/FutureChat! It's a lot cleaner, and easier to subscribe, so tell your friends! Stay tuned for a lot more cool stuff this summer!

In this episode, we met up with the founder of Brew Donkey, a beer delivery and local brewery tour company. We learned about why business school convinced...
In this episode, we discuss our favourite new things from Google I/O, go deeper on bike lanes, and we determine Mike would be a terrible research dictator...